What is all the fuss about Easter weekend?

I posted the following status update  in Twitter and Facebook

“Chico Woo Easter is awesome. Jesus rose, Wife leading choir, many new people, many people crossing line of faith, Easter dinner, Tiger at Augusta.”

My friend who will remain nameless to protect her identity made a funny reply to my status.  She replied

 “then of course… the Chr-easters…..lol”

Chr-easters def.  people that only come to church on Christmas and Easter.

If you know my friend she is a very funny and at the same time a very sensitive and caring person.    Unfortunately, the subleties of humor don’t always get translated on facebook.  Which resulted in some of the posters to kinda reprimand her for her insensitivity.  My friend quickly apologized and I think everything is okay and order and peace has been restored in facebook world.

 As I was reading the exchange on my wall it reminded me of a video I saw a twitterer had posted this morning.  I’m new to this so I don’t know how to reference it back to this twittering pastor but his post stated “Why we do what we do”  This was in reference to this Easter weekend.  He linked a video of Matt Chandler which was very moving.  I have linked it above. 

For me the video answered why do we do all that we do for Easter.  Why do dramas?  Why do we do special songs?  Why do we have choirs?  Which my wife will again splendidly lead.  Why do we spend money on advertisement?  Why do preachers prepare extra?   Why invited people?!! Why all the fuss?!!  Because as my friend stated the Chr-easters are coming.  That Chr-easter may represent your friend or your husband or your boyfriend or girlfriend, your son or daugther, your mother or father, your sister or brother.  Why all the fuss?!!  Because maybe this weekend that Chr-easters will cross the line of faith and become a Christ follower.

I am praying and hoping for our church and all churches that I know that their building and services will be full of Chr-easters and that the dramas, special songs, choirs and their sermons will impact people so that Chr-easters may become Christ followers.



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One response to “What is all the fuss about Easter weekend?

  1. Christine

    well said Chico..love a former chr-easter and facebook poster..lol

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