Susan Boyle surprises Simon Cowell


Someone just forwarded this to me.  (Note Youtube is not allowing embedding of this so click on here) I was totally blown away by Susan Boyle.  She is amazing!  I have to admit, I was like one of the famous jaded judges.   I was thinking she was going to be one of those clueless contestants that have delusions of stardom.  But when Susan Boyle began to sing I was shocked.  It is amazing to see the change of expression from the judges – particularly Simon Cowell- and then to see the audience respond.  The best part is the song Susan Boyles chose, a song from one of my favorite musicals,” Les Miserables”, called I Dreamed A Dream.

  I grew up in NYC and in NYC public schools they made you take school trips to Broadway.  I did not enjoy our trips to Broadway.  But after I became a Christian, a girl I was interested in invited me to see “Les Miserables”.  I went only because I liked her, not because I cared about musicals.  Much to my surprise I really enjoyed it!  I liked it so much I began to tear up.  If you know me, I am not a very outwardly emotional person, so I don’t usually cry during musicals.  The reason was the revelation I was getting about the book of Romans.  That afternoon, sitting in the theater on Broadway through the story of Victor Hugo I began to understand one of the most difficult books in the Bible.  I began to see how the struggle of Jean Valjean and Jarvet was the struggle of Grace versus Law.  At the end and throughout, it shows how Grace wins over Law.  At that moment I realized how great God’s grace is in my life.   Romans 5:20 says “When it’s sin versus grace, grace wins hands down.” 

In the next couple of weeks our church is going to be doing a series called Life’s Big Equation.  The message of the series is that the biggest equation in life is that God’s Grace is Greater Than…

Greater than my failures, my insecurities, my inabilities, my excuses, my accomplishments, my possessions, my status, my divorce, my singleness, my heartache, my disease, my loneliness and my sin…

Life’s Big Equation is simply that God’s Grace is Greater Than….

Enjoy Susan Boyle singing and hope to see you at one of our campuses for this series.


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