Is God The Cable Guy Part 2

So last time you visited we were talking about Is God the Cable Guy. We discussed that God works in the hours between 8:00 AM and…

This is really frustrating. I want God and my cable guy to give me a specific time that they are going to show up. When my life is falling apart, my marriage is falling apart or when my I’ve lost my job, I am not looking for “between the hours of 8:00 AM and”… I want to know that God is going to knock on the door of my problem at 2:22 on Monday afternoon.

Unfortunately, that is not often how He works. How He works is between the hours of 8:00 AM and…

But why does He do this?

Because it will be inconvenient for you. I love convenience. I love any technology that will make my life more convenient. I can’t think of any greater convenience than the drive-thru. With four kids and their friends in our vehicle, I especially love drive-thrus. drive-thru If you are ever in the Woo-mobile, here are the drive-thru laws:

  1. You will shout out your own order to the brightly lit box with the scratchy weird voice. Don’t expect me to remember everyone’s stuff. You are in charge of your own drive-thru destiny.
  2. Order by combo number. Do not order anything outside of the convenient combo meal numbers. Do not deviate from this. Don’t ask for “no cheese” or “half cheese” or “no pickles” or “no bun”. They say you can have it your way, but not in my vehicle.
  3. Order combo number no greater than 4. If you order anything above that, it is usually some exotic item that has special needs. They don’t want you ordering above combo number 4.  That is why when you order above a combo number 4 they make you pull up and hang in the penalty box. You sit 20 minutes waiting for your stupid chicken or fish sandwich. Next time you order above a number 4, you are walking home. I don’t care if you are five and have short legs.
  4. Immediately inventory check when you get your food. If you have a missing order, quickly tell us. Don’t wait. As long as the rear bumper does not cross the window, you are okay to report AWOL items. When the rear bumper has passed the window, it is too late.  I am not the Marines. We will leave a cheeseburger behind.

So why does God inconvenience us?  Because inconvenience is the true mirror of our priorities and values. People can write blogs or mission or vision statements, but you only truly value what you are willing to be inconvenienced about. If I value my ESPN, I am going to be inconvenienced and stay home and wait for the cable guy. If I value my family or marriage or children or true financial freedom or ministry or simply change in certain areas of my life, then I will be inconvenienced and wait upon God.

Here is a thought to ponder.

The degree that you are willing to be inconvenienced is the degree that you are willing to change.



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20 responses to “Is God The Cable Guy Part 2

  1. Love it!

    It’s like the scripture in Malachi… suddenly, the Lord will come to his temple … I don’t like it “suddenly”… I like some advance notice please. 🙂

    And remind me never to ride with you through the drive-thru. You’re like the drive-thru Nazi! No food for you!

  2. Hmmm… perhaps it is we who inconvience God? We are quite impatient, selfish, greedy, and foolish. 🙂 Good post. Found you on Twitter– I’m @sweepstakesgirl.

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed, unlike (most) fast food.


  4. Karen G

    I would hate to be a drive thru orderer in your car! Sometimes we order special things so that we know that the food is actually fresh and hot when we get it……
    As far as the inconvenience part, I think you have it correct. We need to change and be inconvenienced if we want God’s purpose for our lives.

  5. Jane Park

    Hi Pastor Chico,

    You are so funny. Thank you for your ministry. God Bless.

  6. Bill Marcal

    Pastor Chico when are you going to come to Hawaii? We love your ministry.

  7. I bet they’re all waiting for the 13th comment and hoping they get lucky.

  8. Julie Hunter

    Nice post. I have 3 kids and I only go to drive thru restaurants.

  9. Deiter Maxwell

    I don’t like drive thru.

  10. americanidolwannabe

    You are witty.

  11. Dan Kim

    That was hilarious. I do the same thing at the drive thru.

  12. Sue Johnson


  13. J Knowles

    I like this post. Funny and insightful.

  14. Virginia Matty


  15. Donna Kim

    Thanks for ministering in our church in NJ. You were a breath of fresh air. God bless you and your beautiful wife and children.


  16. Chico Woo

    Thanks for all the comments. Virginia will be receiving a gift card to McDonalds to live out her drive thru adventures. Thanks Virginia

    Chico Woo

  17. Kathryn

    This was a very good blog post. (Do I get a prize for this? 🙂

    • Chico Woo


      You would have gotten a prize if you had been the 14th person to comment. Better luck next time. Ooops sorry I’m not suppose to say luck right?

  18. Dom G

    Great! I believe its true for most things.

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