Travel Tech Thursday Potato-Chip Clips


Shockingly, today I finally woke up happy and optimistic after a great night of sleep! Due to my traveling schedule, I live in a perpetual state of bleary jetlag where caffeine and Nyquil are my best friends. All travelers know getting enough sleep while on the road is the most important thing you can do.

Unfortunately, hotels, no matter how many stars, are full of hurdles to getting a good night sleep: the possessed climate control system, the knocking pipes, the air conditioners blowing straight on your face, the hard beds, the lumpy beds, the quick sand beds, the blankets so full of static sparks fly when you turn off the light, the toilet that runs all night long, the toilet in the next room that flushes all night long, the alarm that rings at 2:32 AM, the red blinking smoke alarm light, and worst of all, the curtains and blackout panels that don’t close all the way.

Even if everything else is great, there is no way to avoid morning sunshine. Hotels must not like you to sleep in, because they put in curtains and blackout panels that never completely close. In the morning, the light comes in like a laser! I don’t know about you but everywhere I move on the bed, the crack of light stalks me.

Then I try and put a pillow over my head but have nightmares of being related to Jack Bauer. With time ticking down, it goes to split screen- one screen showing Jack running through the hallways with a gun and his man-bag yelling at Chloe to find my room, the other screen showing someone shoving a pillow over my face as I struggle for breath and life. The ticking gets louder, like a heartbeat, and the timer runs down to 00:00. Then I wake up to the sound of loud knocking and yelling of “Hello? Housekeeping!!!,” as they try rattle on the door. So no pillows over my head.

I have tried using those sleep masks movie stars use, but no matter how many times I’ve tried them by morning they are completely off my head. Or one eye is covered and the other eye is not and the uncovered eye gets slapped by the crack of light. So no mask for me.

The best travel tech product I can recommend for you is low-tech: Potato-Chip Clips. With this simple item purchased for $1 at the dollar store you can defeat the crack of light. I carry 3 clips and close the curtains and blackout panels securely, top to bottom. No more crack of light. Happy Dreams…



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8 responses to “Travel Tech Thursday Potato-Chip Clips

  1. Kim

    LOL great gadget!! … I use a hair clamp (or butterfly clip) … same idea… priceless 🙂

    • Chico Woo


      Yes. That would work. Sounds like you came to your hair clamp solution based on necessity and what you had available. 🙂 Unfortunately, for me I don’t use hair clamps or butterfly clips. Although I have been thinking of getting a bumpit. LOL

  2. joshlange

    You never cease to amaze. Brilliant idea

  3. Donny

    Guess I’m a heavy sleeper. Daylight or not, if I’m tired I’m sleeping. Great idea though.

    I’m loving how you present your ideas in your blog though. It’s hard to keep me entertained but you have a knack for it. I might have to create a line of talking Chico dolls just keep me amused.

    • Chico Woo

      Thanks Donny. Keep a look out I am going to be doing a how to make NY pizza when you don’t live in NY anymore.

      • Donny

        That is a much needed tutorial. I go through withdrawal and days of depression at times. Found a place here that does wings like NY, but haven’t found a good pizza place yet.

      • Chico Woo

        Its pretty easy. I learned from Shaolin Master Steve Lisi and it is great. You can dough at Wholefoods or Trader Joes

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