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I remember when my kids went from diapers to big boy underwear.  They liked wearing the superman and batman underwear.  They were so proud. They would go around and tell adults at the church and say “I’m wearing big boy underwear”  

Well I’m going to a big boy blog.  You can now find me at or here at this link.


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Travel Tech Thursday – Watch Your TV Anywhere In World

SlingboxAs I am writing this post I am listening to Chris Daughtry’s Home.

I don’t regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
So I’m going home.

If you travel you can relate to this song about going home. I love my home because my hot young wife and 4 kids are there, my bed is there and my tv is there. I hate being away from my family and I hate hotel beds and I hate hotel tv programming. I can’t do anything about my family being there and I can’t do anything about the beds but I can do something about tv programming. A couple of years ago I started using a product called Slingbox.

The Slingbox is an incredible product which gives you the ability to watch your tv at home from anywhere in the world. Not only can you watch it, but you can actually control the channels. If you have a Tivo or DVR service you can watch recorded programs any time you want. If you have a DVD changer with movies in it, you can control and watch those movies also. My family and I have watched American Idol and talked on the phone about the show while they were at home and I was in Asia. What is the difference between the Slingbox and Hulu or the rebroadcast by the major networks on their websites? The Slingbox gives you the ability to watch live tv while the other options you have to typically wait a day or so. If you are sports fan, you know that outside of your region you may not be able to see your team’s game. With the Slingbox I can watch all of my favorite teams anywhere in the world. My friend has set up a Slingbox at his parents house in Seattle so he can watch the Mariners games here in NY.

For the traveler the Slingbox is a travel tech must. The box can cost from $69 to $200 depending on the different options but there are no other monthly charges.

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Coldplay To Give New Live Album For Free



Yeah. You heard it right. Coldplay is giving away their newest live cd for free. Here you can read the quote from their website below or you can click on here to go to their website.

Good morning. We’re pleased to announce that Coldplay will be giving away a live CD, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, at every remaining live show in 2009 (apart from festival shows). Starting with the band’s first North American tour date, at West Palm Beach in Florida on May 15th, every fan attending a show will be given a free copy of the nine-track CD, which won’t be available elsewhere. Also on May 15th, LeftRightLeftRightLeft will be made available as a free download right here at, for all fans (and for the same time period).
According to the band, the give-away is meant as a recession-busting mark of gratitude to everyone who’s supported them: “Playing live is what we love. This album is a thank you to our fans – the people who give us a reason to do it and make it happen.”

The album was recorded over the past year in various cities around the world on the Viva La Vida tour. Its tracklisting is as follows:

1. Glass of Water
2. 42
3. Clocks
4. Strawberry Swing
5. The Hardest Part/Postcards From Far Away
6. Viva La Vida
7. Death Will Never Conquer
8. Fix You
9. Death And All His Friends.

If you leave a comment here with your email address I will remind you on May 15th to download it.


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Travel Tech Thursday Potato-Chip Clips


Shockingly, today I finally woke up happy and optimistic after a great night of sleep! Due to my traveling schedule, I live in a perpetual state of bleary jetlag where caffeine and Nyquil are my best friends. All travelers know getting enough sleep while on the road is the most important thing you can do.

Unfortunately, hotels, no matter how many stars, are full of hurdles to getting a good night sleep: the possessed climate control system, the knocking pipes, the air conditioners blowing straight on your face, the hard beds, the lumpy beds, the quick sand beds, the blankets so full of static sparks fly when you turn off the light, the toilet that runs all night long, the toilet in the next room that flushes all night long, the alarm that rings at 2:32 AM, the red blinking smoke alarm light, and worst of all, the curtains and blackout panels that don’t close all the way.

Even if everything else is great, there is no way to avoid morning sunshine. Hotels must not like you to sleep in, because they put in curtains and blackout panels that never completely close. In the morning, the light comes in like a laser! I don’t know about you but everywhere I move on the bed, the crack of light stalks me.

Then I try and put a pillow over my head but have nightmares of being related to Jack Bauer. With time ticking down, it goes to split screen- one screen showing Jack running through the hallways with a gun and his man-bag yelling at Chloe to find my room, the other screen showing someone shoving a pillow over my face as I struggle for breath and life. The ticking gets louder, like a heartbeat, and the timer runs down to 00:00. Then I wake up to the sound of loud knocking and yelling of “Hello? Housekeeping!!!,” as they try rattle on the door. So no pillows over my head.

I have tried using those sleep masks movie stars use, but no matter how many times I’ve tried them by morning they are completely off my head. Or one eye is covered and the other eye is not and the uncovered eye gets slapped by the crack of light. So no mask for me.

The best travel tech product I can recommend for you is low-tech: Potato-Chip Clips. With this simple item purchased for $1 at the dollar store you can defeat the crack of light. I carry 3 clips and close the curtains and blackout panels securely, top to bottom. No more crack of light. Happy Dreams…


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Make You Feel My Love

Many of you requested this video of our weekend experience. Here is Natalie Raney singing “Make You Feel My Love” and accompanied by my lovely wife. If you have problems viewing it above click here to go to Youtube directly. For more information please click here to go to Pastor Josh Lange’s setlist for last weekend’s experience.

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Travel Tech Thursday – Airport Express

I fly over 100,000 miles a year and I live in hotels. I have found a couple of items that help my life be easier on the road. I wanted to share some of these items and hopefully they will make your life easier. Today, let me introduce you to one of my favorite travel tech items: the Apple Airport Express. I don’t know what I would do without it! This is a very compact wireless router. Some of you may be thinking, “Well, l I already have a broadband card, why should I get one of these?” Let me explain. I have the EVDO Sprint Broadband Card too, but this requires a great cell signal to work well. At some airports there is so much interference you can’t get a signal, as well as in some big city hotels- the concrete and steel and all of that make it are nearly impossible. Plus, I need a fast Internet for huge files, video conferencing, downloading iTunes, and watching movies or TV on Hulu or through a Slingbox. The broadband card often can’t get the speeds you need to accomplish what you want. That is where the Airport Express comes in.

The Apple Airport Express is incredible! For me being connected is really important, and this is the way to go. I have used it in hotels, hospitals, churches, and different speaking venues. Someone will usually have an Internet cable that they will let you plug it into. It is also useful when there are multiple Internet users with you. When I travel overseas, I usually have a couple of people along. There is the guy who is always in a room next to me, and on a separate floor are one or two assistants that help run the speaking engagement. Internet in Asia is about $10 a day, and we all need it, so my assistant plugs in the Express, and all of us can share one internet connection wirelessly. Right there is a savings of $30-$40 a day. I am not tethered to an Ethernet cable: I can roam my room. I like sitting on the bed and working and surfing. I don’t want to be tied to a desk. Sometimes rooms just get stuffy so I open the door and go to the hallway. Or when I stay in a hotel with an ocean-view veranda I love to sit there in the mornings and work and surf and drink coffee. I can also use my Blackberry and make international calls through my Wifi at no extra charge. I will have to review that another time.

The Express creates a wireless network for all of us. We can exchange files, videos, and even share music or video conference. We also connect a small portable printer to it and all of us can print wirelessly. I will be the reviewing the portable printer another time.

Here are the pros:

  • Small and Compact. It measures 3 x 1.1 x 3.7 inches; 6.7 ounces. There are no other electrical cables needed. The electrical prongs are part of the Express and they fold into it so they won’t break.
  • Easy To Set Up. It comes with Apple’s intuitive software that helps you set it up wirelessly or via Ethernet cable and it supports OS X or Windows.
  • Latest encryption for security. The Express uses WPA2 and what is nice is that the included software makes this also easy to setup.
  • Print Wirelessly. The Express comes with a USB port to connect a printer.
  • Share Hard Drive. The Express comes with a USB port so you can attach an external Hard Drive and share that Hard Drive on the network created by Express.
  • Stream Music. The Express has 3.5 mm jack that you can connect to a sound system. This is great if you have a presentation with sound. Also, your iPhone can remotely control your iTunes.
  • Creates a network for up to 10 people. Even without a broadband connection you can connect up to 10 people to share files and collaborate.

I have one con:

Cost. The newest one is $99 but you can pick up an 802.1G for $60. If you don’t need N, then G will be more than sufficient.

Last word. If you are not an Apple fan and would rather stick to a Linksys product, I would recommend the Linksys WTR54GS. The only issue with this is that it looks like it has been discontinued. You may be able to find on eBay.


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Why You Should Not Write A Book

cbsntype-main_fullPeople always ask me about book writing. Here is a great great article by Penelope Trunk.

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